A Drugstore Gem: E.L.F.’s Clear Brow & Lash Mascara


Note: the reviewed product is cruelty-free.

This product is my first gateway drug to clear mascara and brow gel. I’ve always wondered if there is any good in using clear mascara, and if it could replace my black ones as it could make me look too made up on days when I would just prefer my lashes to look a little more natural. Since the brow gel came with it, I thought it would be great to try that as well.

Spoiler alert: I ended up loving this product on my eyebrows – and only my eyebrows.


The product features two ends, one labelled “eyelash” and another labelled “eyebrow”. It’s housed in a plastic and transparent case, nothing quite extraordinary.

Since this is the second time I’m using this product, I’ve noticed that halfway through using it, the silver name labels seem to be scratched off miraculously… I do not think that I have been too rough with it.


This product claims to “instantly create healthy-looking lashes and brows” and that it is also “great for any hair colour”.


Even though the wand applicators are slightly different, I do think that the gels contained in both of them are the same. The wand applicator for the eyebrows is slightly flat, while the one for the eyelashes is kind of tapered and round. For the untrained eyes, one may not even be able to tell the difference.

True to what it claims to be, it is indeed a clear and transparent gel and would be great for anyone. I love this product because it is so easy to tame my brows and make it look slightly fuller – a natural brow look that would be perfect for school if I am in a hurry or if I do not feel like filling in my brows for whatever reason a lazy girl could conjure up. In addition, I could be clumsy with my application and still achieve my desired look. I mean, all I need to do is to tame it in the direction of my brows – how difficult could that be?

Although I bought this product with the intention of trying out clear mascara, I was sorely disappointed. The wand made application clumsy, probably because it was too fat. And I do not think that the formula is suitable for mascara at all – I do not really see any drastic changes in my eyelashes, whether in volume or length. You could hardly tell the difference:

I feel that it takes a bit of work getting the gel onto my lashes, as the formula seems kind of clumpy. The wand, unfortunately, makes the application experience worse, as it is shaped to be a little bit too large and round, which could get onto my eyelids at times. For good measure, do not attempt to use this immediately after your caffeine fix.

After a few tries, I gave up using it as a clear mascara and brushed it on my eyebrows after the “eyebrows” tube has been completely depleted.


For its affordability and how fuss-free the application was, I would definitely repurchase it. I think it is a good makeup product for girls who do not want to do too much to their brows, and yet would like their eyebrows look a bit more shaped and tamed. For me, I always apply it before wearing my eyebrow pencil, and sometimes I could even go out just wearing it alone. However, if you’re looking for a clear mascara, I guess this is not a very effective product.

For 2.5ml worth of product, it lasts for about 3-4 months of daily usage, and I find myself dipping back in the tube for a second coat for my eyebrows after about a month’s use – else a single coat is enough for each brow.

The product also lasts throughout the day, which is something I definitely love. I do not think that it is water-proof though, but even if it is not, I have no issues with it since it is a transparent gel after all.


It retails for SGD$7.90 on Smoochiezz.



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