What’s up!

Hello beautiful humans, welcome to my blog.

You can find all sorts of reviews here, whether it is the latest or dated beauty products, music releases, food, pieces of cloths… you get the drill.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog for writing reviews, but I’ve contemplated for the longest time because I do not really know how I wanted to go about doing this. The main inspiration behind this has got to be my recent purchases; I realised that as I become more exposed to lots of cosmetics products (mum don’t kill me), I’ve started to look up for reviews on blogs and YouTube to see how the products that I’m interested in work on different people before I decide that it is a worthy candidate to have a place in my over-crowded vanity space.

I guess another reason why I felt inspired was because I wanted to voice out my opinions, and sometimes it ticks me off whenever some reviewers left out some vital information about certain products that I wish they had mentioned. As such, I’ll try my best to make my reviews as comprehensive as possible; heck, I even did my research on certain chemical ingredients just so I know what it’s for.

For the record, you’ll probably not find any “first impression” posts. I am just not a fan of documenting my first impression about a certain product, and then weeks later, I’d find it to be something totally different. It almost-always happens, and I just find it annoying how YouTubers do that sometimes and their viewers are left with the presumption that those products would probably remain as good as it is. I mean, what’s the point of buying something for it to work perfectly for just a few times? With that being said, I would have at least tried my products about thrice before writing a review about it. I think I’ll have the decency to mention the number of times I’ve used it in the individual posts to come, but yup, no first impressions here. Not now, not ever.

I’m also feeling a little iffy about having the “Fashion” tag in my menu sidebar, I mean, I don’t really take OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) and yet, I thought I would like to share my thoughts on fashion pieces and hauls that I’ve bought from online webstores. I guess I’ll leave it there for now, but if I find it really impossible for me to get something done for that, I’ll remove it in due time.

Please pardon the minimalist-monochromatic design for the moment, although I’m kinda digging it actually. I’ve thought of adding some designs or textures to it, I just haven’t had the time or the inspiration to know what to do with it. I’ll leave it as that for now too, but if I find it really impossible for me to design something I will… leave it. 🙂

Oops, I’ve rambled so much that I’d almost forgot to introduce the human behind this blog. My name is Stacey, Lim’s my surname because I am Chinese, and hence the url title “Stacey Reviews”. As of time of writing, I am 20+ as I’m about to hit 21 but for some strange reason, the world is obsessed with the idea of adding a “+” to your age, thus wrecking the aesthetics of the numerical value just because you’ve not reached your actual birthdate and this very fact PISSES ME OFF. I guess I might not mind as much when I grow older…

I’ve just graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Mass Communication, and I am currently awaiting for university admission. This is definitely one of the most exciting and nerve-wrecking moment of my life, and I’ll not be wasting these time away. I’m devoting some time to do some voluntary work for non-profit organisations to help out in any capacity that I can; to pick up a new skill, such as helping my mum out with some household chores. However, I’ll like to add that this is probably the only post that you’ll find me writing about myself. You can find those stuff at my LiveJournal blog, which is only privy to some friends, and besides, I don’t really post often these days. You won’t find any links to my social media platforms as well, because I prefer to keep it low-key and I hope you respect my decision for doing so. I’ll probably only share updates of this blog on my snapchat, so you can look out for that. Otherwise, follow my blog if you have a WordPress account or follow me via e-mail!


If I have already addressed everything you’ll probably need to know, here you have it: the first post to this blog! *throws confetti into your eyeballs*

Welcome to Stacey Reviews, and I hope my reviews are useful to you, as other reviews had been to me when I was looking them up as well. Feel free to voice out (only) constructive comments in the posts to come, and also let me know what you’ll like to see here.

I’ll also like to add that all opinions are my own. In the (very) unlikely case of being sponsored by anyone or anything, I’ll indicate it very clearly – at least somewhere in the first 5 sentences of the review. Just so you know.

Thank you for reading!


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